The Company


Elcon-Mamab deals in the production and marketing of control and measurement equipment. Located in Yavne , Israel .(about 20 km. South of Tel Aviv) and founded about 45 years ago by Moshe Brandwine,


Personnel includes 30 employees, in addition to the independent sales people enlisted in the promotion of our products in the southern and northern parts of Israel.


We approved by the Israeli Standard Institute to the new standard ISO 9001-2000.


Our products are marketed in both industrial and scientific sectors in factories large and small for a wide variety of projects and our customers include industries such as: food, chemical, petro-chemical, plastic and companies dealing in water purification and more.


Elcon-Mamab specializes in temperature, pressure, level,flow and humidity measurement and is known for its on-the-mark solutions, product quality and efficient customer service.


We produce and marketing Sensors, Transmitter,Instrumentation ,Controllers, HMI , I/O, Wireless product and Software, and Accesories.


We represent several companies which their products complete to our line, and assist us in giving a complete solution to our client.